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Tell the truth,Tom Hiddleston!

If you are very good...

...you will get handed from the universe acut for size of pic and textCollapse )

Help Legit fanfic by fifty shades of NO

Please please go to this link and stop the author of 50 thingies of stalking, rape-friendly fic and badly written porn from entering the Times mag top 100 list of authors.   Please.

Keep author E>L>James off the top 100 listCollapse )
Post idea from Tumblr.

This is your reward if you say no
 photo tumblr_mkyqak4prl1ry54nno1_500.jpg
and this is what will happen if you say yes.....
father dougal funeral photo i070109.jpg
I would like to point out I may be not quite able to fulfil delivery date on the first item (cough cough)

Loki legend collection part 2

Directly follows on from previous post today
same sources and thanks.

 photo tumblr_mjtcljKOC21rdvozxo1_250.gif

part two, cut for lengthCollapse )

Loki legend collection part 1

Well, the best source and simplest collection of data on the Norse legends around Loki, including the Icelandic tales ishereCollapse )part one hereCollapse )
and I place a dump of the text here for my own delight. Thank you yahoo answerer kveldulf gondlir

You want to know about Loki? You've come to the right place...here ya go...sources...authors...references...


cut for lengthCollapse )

rainbow cake fabulous irony photo tumblr_mj0adpjtfa1qhv2ouo1_500.jpg
Loki from the Avengers and Thor and all those other  "Marvellous" films would totally have this cake.


So far I've had to....
  • keep seven appointments at the hospital for my daughter's broken finger
  • get one daughter to childcare whilst other was in operation for broken finger (Schrodinger's Mum)
  • become on firstname terms with the play therapy staff at the childrens' ward
  • paid bills online, breaking my internet banking taboo once and for all
  • unblocked a drain for my neighbour cased by my other neighbour and loose the friendship of both
  • buy a replacement cistern caused by investigating the drain blockage
  • chase up said replacement cistern order for non-arrival
  • Chase up plumbing firms for installing etc etc
  • get electric lighting in bathroom sorted so plumber can see in there to etc etc
  • find the bank manager helpful in chasing up delayed funding
  • get the bank managers helpful paperwork bounced back to me a third time by unhelpful company
  • get annoyed sister telling random companies it's my fault that she can't replace my mother's gravestone
  • dealing with random companies re my mother's gravestone after my sister went loopy over it 
  • having my cousin near-missed by that falling helicopter in London www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newsvideo/9805090/London-helicopter-crash-aftermath.html#
And the BC hassle about Trek goes on.  JLMiller as a modern Sherlock in the superior Elementary, well, maybe he was cast because he's a good actor with the right accent and a superior work ethic.  The paragraph about this in this months old interview www.shortlist.com/entertainment/tv/benedict-cumberbatch that my Google alert placed on my top five today for some weird reason is a bit snotty.  Oh Benny Carlton, stop mouthing off like we're all your friends and be vigilant about your co-workers who are just being workers.  It does make you sound like a bit of a tool when you sound as though you are giving permission for others to work alongside you.  You are not the first Sherlock, you won't be the last Sherlock and time will tell as to whether you are the best Sherlock or not.  Watch Elementary all the way through before you call the BC boySherlock the best.
Best Watson so far?  Freeman.  Best Tietjens, BC Why? Excellent summary  www.theartsdesk.com/tv/parades-end-series-finale-bbc-two    Best  fan page about BC I've seen yet:  pinterest.com/msbeaverhausen/benedict-cumberbatch/

Roll on The Hobbit as top film seen in Britain this month, and Bond film Skyfall getting really rave word of mouth references to take huge HUGE amounts  of box office too.
If you've struggled this far, Thank you.

Awww, give him a hug someone

As the packaging is recycled, the cards trashed, those really sad people who don't include you within their number start a countdown to
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aa sex vs  srs work by ttlizzy
I say we draw a mustache on him...

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